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Serial Killer Definition
Like certain other terms—obscenity, for example—serial killing is surprisingly tricky to define. Part of the problem is that police definitions tend to differ from popular conceptions. According to some experts, a serial killer is any murderer who commits more than one random slaying with a break between the crimes. There is certainly some validity to this viewpoint. If (for example) Ted Bundy had been caught after committing only a couple of atrocities, he wouldn’t have gained worldwide notoriety—but he still would have been what he was: a demented personality capable of the most depraved acts of violence. Still, it’s hard to think of someone as a serial killer unless he’s killed a whole string of victims.

How many victims constitute a “string”? Again, it’s hard to be precise. The most infamous serial killers—Bundy, Gacy, Dahmer, etc.—are the ones responsible for double-digit murders. Most experts seem to agree, however, that to qualify as a serial killer, an individual has to slay a minimum of three unrelated victims.
The notion of a string implies something else besides sheer number. A serial killer must perpetrate a number of random killings with an emotional “cooling-off” period between each crime. This hiatus—which can last anywhere from hours to years—is what distinguishes the serial killer from the Mass Murderer, the homicidal nut who erupts in an explosion of insane violence, killing a whole group of people all at once. Thus, the official FBI definition of serial homicide is “three or more separate events with an emotional cooling-off period between homicides, each murder taking place at a different location.”
There are several problems with this definition, however. For one thing, not all serial killers commit their murders in different locations. The nearly three dozen victims of John Wayne Gacy, for example, all met their horrible deaths in the basement of his suburban ranch house. And there are murderers who commit three or more separate homicides over extended periods of time who aren’t serial killers: mob hitmen, for example.
What distinguishes a professional hitman from a serial killer, however, is that one kills for money—it’s his job—while the other kills purely for depraved pleasure. A hitman may enjoy his work, but murder isn’t his primary source of sexual gratification. The situation is different with psychos like Gacy, who reach the heights of ecstasy while perpetrating their atrocities. According to many experts, in other words, true serial killer always involves an element of unspeakable sexual Sadism.

Taking these issues into account, the National Institute of Justice offers a definition we find more useful than the FBI’s: “A series of two or more murders, committed as separate events, usually but not always committed by one offender acting alone. The crimes may occur over a period of time ranging from hours to years. Quite often the motive is psychological, and the offender’s behavior and the physical evidence observed at the crime scenes will reflect sadistic, sexual overtones.”

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Ever since the Stone Age, human beings have indulged in cannibalism, either for dietary or ritual reasons. The prehistoric hominids known as Homo erectus enjoyed supping on the brains of their fellow cavemen. Aborigines throughout the world, from New Zealand to North America, routinely devoured the hearts of enemy warriors as a way of absorbing their courage. Ceremonial cannibalism was a central feature of the Aztec religion. And Fijians consumed human flesh (which they called puaka balava or “long pig”) just because they liked its taste.

In the Judeo-Christian tradition, however, cannibalism is regarded with such intense abhorrence that when faced with a choice between eating other humans or starving to death, some people have opted for the latter. (This was the case, for example, with several survivors of the famous 1972 plane crash that stranded a party of young Uruguayans in the high Andes.) As a result, of all the horrors associated with serial killer, cannibalism strikes many people as the worst. When Thomas Harris, author of The Silence of the Lambs, set out to create the most monstrous serial killer imaginable, the result was Dr. Lecter, aka “Hannibal the Cannibal,” whose idea of a gourmet meal is human liver with fava beans and a nice Chianti on the side.

In point of fact, however, real-life cannibal killers are relatively few and far between. For reasons that can only be surmised, Germany has produced a disproportionately high percentage of twentieth-century people eaters. During the social chaos of the 1920s, the hideously depraved Fritz Haarmann slaughtered as many as fifty young boys, dined on their flesh, then sold the leftovers as black-market beef. His equally degenerate countryman Georg Grossmann also supplemented his income by peddling human flesh, though his preferred victims were plump young females, whose meat he made into sausages. Yet another postwar German cannibal was Karl Denke, an innkeeper who killed and consumed at least thirty of his lodgers.

At about the same time in America, the sadomasochistic madman Albert Fish was roaming the country, preying on small boys and girls. He was finally executed for the abduction-murder of a pretty twelve-year-old named Grace Budd, parts of whose body he made into a stew. In recent years, the “Milwaukee Monster,” Jeffrey Dahmer, has served as a grotesque reminder that the forbidden urge to consume human flesh may still lurk beneath the surface of supposedly civilized life.

Appalling as they were, Dahmer’s crimes were outstripped by the Russian “Mad Beast,” Andrei Chikatilo, who—with a confirmed body count of fifty-two victims—holds the record as the worst serial killer of modern times. Among his countless atrocities, Chikatilo devoured the genitals of some of his victims—a practice that left him (according to his captors) with a telltale case of bizarre halitosis.

A cannibalistic contemporary of Chikatilo and Dahmer was Arthur Shawcross, whose wildly sadistic tendencies first found free play in the jungles of Vietnam, where (according to his own account) he raped, slaughtered, and cannibalized two peasant women during an army combat mission. Shawcross’s subsequent career of psychopathic violence included the murder of a ten-year-old boy whose genitals he devoured, and the strangulation of a string of prostitutes whose bodies he dumped in the woods in upstate New York. Occasionally, he would sneak back to the body weeks after the murder, then cut out and eat pieces of the decomposing corpse (a particularly abhorrent form of cannibalism technically known as necrophagy).

During the past twenty-five years or so, there have been a number of appalling cannibal killers who might well have become full-fledged serial murderers if they hadn’t been arrested after committing a single atrocity. These include Albert Fentress, a former schoolteacher in Poughkeepsie, New York, who, in the summer of 1979, lured an eighteen-year-old boy into his basement, cut off and ate the victim’s penis, then shot him to death; Issei Sagawa, a Japanese national living in Paris who, in 1981, killed his girlfriend, had sex with her corpse, then dismembered and ate parts of her body; Daniel Rakowitz, who likewise murdered and dismembered his girlfriend, then boiled her into a soup which he allegedly served to homeless people on New York’s Lower East Side in 1989; and Peter Bryan, a British schizophrenic arrested in 2004 after killing a friend and frying his brain for consumption.

Most bizarre of all is undoubtedly Armin Meiwes, a middle-aged German computer technician who, in 2001, advertised for a victim willing to be slaughtered and consumed (see Ads). When a forty-three-year-old man named Bernd-J?rgen Brandes showed up in response to this Internet posting, Meiwes—with Brandes’s full approval—sliced off the latter’s penis. The two men then shared a meal of the severed organ. Brandes was then stabbed to death, dismembered, and frozen for future consumption.

Meiwes was arrested shortly thereafter. Since Germany has no laws against cannibalism, he was charged with murder “for sexual satisfaction” and “disturbing the peace of the dead.” His attorney at his 2004 trial attempted to argue that since Brandes consented (indeed, eagerly cooperated) in his own death, the case should be classified as a mercy killing. The court was not convinced. Meiwes was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to eight and a half years in prison, though in April 2005, prosecutors—objecting to the leniency of the sentence—won an appeal for a retrial.

Despite Meiwes’s claim that he had gotten his cannibalistic urges out of his system—“I had my big kick and I don’t need to do it again,” he declared—there is reason to doubt his word. Certainly, if he had chosen to indulge his unnatural appetites a second time, he would have had a varied menu to choose from. At his trial, a state police inspector testified that Meiwes’s computer files showed that his ad had drawn responses from 204 applicants looking to be his next meal.

In the realm of serial-killer cinema, cannibalism features prominently in Tobe Hooper’s splatter classic The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, about a family of deranged good ol’ boys who turn unwary teens into barbeque. Like Psycho and The Silence of the Lambs, Hooper’s movie was inspired by the crimes of Edward Gein. Ostensibly, investigators found unmistakable signs of cannibalism in Gein’s horror house—a human heart in a frying pan, a refrigerator stocked with paper-wrapped body parts. This allegation, however, was just one of many hysterical rumors that floated around in the wake of his crimes. Though Ghoulish Gein committed all sorts of unspeakable acts, cannibalism was apparently not one of them. He did, however, enjoy eating baked beans from a bowl made out of a human cranium.

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6 Games not to miss

The Branch
Free + IAPs
Tap the screen to rotate the walkway to collect gems and prevent your character running into blocks that
push him off screen. It’s one of those annoying but addictive simple games.

Atlantic Fleet
Based on the Battle of the Atlantic in WWII, this turn-based tactical game offers serious strategy with excellent AI and stunning graphics. You can play as the British or German Navy.

Free + IAP
This souped-up, cutified Breakout game sees you smashing smiley-face ‘blocks’. Fun features include dual bats (top and bottom), timed stages, endless mode and a stack of power-ups.

Final Fantasy Tactics: WotL
Square’s tactical RPG spin-off offers sophisticated strategy as you control characters in a grid-based battle arena. While a nice conversion, it lacks the original PSP version’s multiplayer mode.

Galactus Space
Shooter Free + IAP
This old-fashioned shoot-’em-up takes us back a bit and plays well, too, as your auto-firing ship takes on waves of enemies and big bosses. You can play a couple of levels for free.

Free + IAP
In this innovative endless runner, you control the track rather than the character running along it, aiming to keep it level. A nice idea, although it soon gets frustrating as the slightest error proves deadly.

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10 best free games for your phone or tablet

We compile 10 of the most popular titles for phones and tablets running Google’s mobile operating system

1. Hill Climb Racing:

Hill Climb Racing may look basic, but what it lacks in eye-popping graphics it makes up for in pure addiction. To start you get a jeep, one level, an accelerator and a brake, but you’ll quickly unlock more cars and levels. Coins – used to upgrade cars and buy new items – are collected by driving over them, reaching checkpoints and performing flips. You’ll find yourself coming back again and again to get further, an upgrade, a new car or level.

2. Temple Run 2:

Temple Run is the cr?me de la cr?me of endless runners and the second version is not only better than the original, but free. Temple Run 2 combines easy controls with a simple objective and a graphically stunning design. You’ll be jumping, dodging and sliding to beat your friends and unlock achievements and new characters. You might not escape with the precious idol, but you’ll definitely have fun trying.

3. Bad Piggies:

The first Angry Birds to put the evil green pigs in the spotlight is Bad Piggies, and we love it. Getting your pig (or pigs), from A to B might sound simple, but you’ve got do it by building an increasingly complex contraption out of available parts. Various objectives and the desire to win three stars will keep you coming back for more. Probably the most fun is the sandbox levels, which let you build almost anything you want from a vast inventory of parts.

4. Plants vs Zombies 2:

The original Plants vs Zombies was a smash-hit and the sequel is a must-have for any Android gamer. This exceptional tower defence game expands on the original, while taking you in new directions. A level structure takes you through themed worlds, complete with new objectives to complete. As you would expect, there are new plants with which to get to grips and, although inapp purchases make an appearance,
you can ignore them.

5. Cut the Rope:

A classic mobile game available in various editions, Cut the Rope has superb level design and makes great use of a touchscreen. Physics-based gameplay lets you interact with many di fferent objects as you try and try again to win three stars in each level. There’s loads of levels to keep you going – and keep you coming back for more. And let’s not forget how adorable is the main character Om Nom.

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6. Real Racing 3:

If you find Hill Climb Racing too basic, and have a spare gig of storage on your device, check out Real Racing 3. You’ll be blown away by its highly detailed graphics. Real Racing 3 features real cars, tracks and people. Time Shifted Multiplayer lets you compete against friends, even if they’re o ine. A good selection of race types includes cup races, eliminations, endurance challenges and drag races. All this and, amazingly, it’s free to download.

7. Triple Town:

Bringing an innovative concept to puzzle games, Triple Town is a great free download and the kind of game you can pick up at any time. The idea is to build the best city you can, and this is done by combining three items to form a better one. Bushes become trees, trees become huts and so on. Some cute but pesky bears will get in the way of your progress. We’re also big fans of the gorgeous and charming graphics and animations.

8. Tetris Blitz:

This is no ordinary version of Tetris. In Blitz you get just two minutes in which to score as many points as you can. A Frenzy mode adds a fresh element to this classic game. Rather than moving around blocks, you simply tap on the screen where you want them to go. This removes some of the skill, but is in keeping with the game’s fast-paced nature. Although Tetris Blitz tries to tempt you to buy power-ups, you can get high scores without opening your wallet.

9. Candy Crush Saga:

Topping the games charts since its release, you’ve probably heard of Candy Crush Saga. It’s a variation on the classic match-three puzzler, whereby gems are swapped with sweets and other tasty treats. The ease with which you can continue your game on multiple devices is a huge plus point. Objectives must be completed before you can progress through the seemingly never-ending supply of levels. In-app purchases are avoidable, but irritating.

10. New Star Soccer:

This footie game puts you in the boots of a penniless up-and-coming footballer. You have to complete flick-based challenges, such as passing, shooting and timing interceptions. The better you get the more money you earn, allowing you to buy vehicles, clothes, property... and a whole string of girlfriends. The more you train your player the better you get. So while you start your career at Torquay United, you can flick your way to the World Cup.

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Leave boring old Earth behind and travel to the farthest reaches of the universe—and beyond in these, the PC’s greatest space games.

The Dig
Year 1995 |Developer LucasArts
The LucasArts point-and-click adventure that everyone forgets about. A mission to divert an asteroid heading for Earth goes awry, sending a group of astronauts to a distant, seemingly abandoned, world. Some of the puzzles are maddeningly obtuse, even for a LucasArts game, but its colorful, strange planet feels genuinely alien. Great voice acting too, with X-Files and Terminator star Robert Patrick playing the lead.

Homeworld Remastered Collection
Year 2015 |Developer Relic/Gearbox Software
One of the best single player RTS campaigns ever, beautifully remastered by Gearbox. The sight of thousands of your ships streaking across the game’s vividly colorful space-scapes is majestic. Its battles are tense and tactical, featuring many types of ship to command, including some colossal battleships. The Remastered Collection looks great on modern PCs and comes with the original Homeworld and its sequel.

Lunar Flight
Year 2012 |Developer Shovsoft
This modern take on classic arcade game Lunar Lander is a unique, challenging low-gravity flight simulator. It’s not as deep as some sims, but wrestling with its physics to deliver cargo and make landings on alien worlds is an enjoyable process. It’s also one of the best games to play with a VR headset, if you’re lucky enough to have one.

Space Engineers
Year 2013 |Developer Keen Software House
Minecraft in space, basically. Harvest asteroids for building materials then craft them into floating bases and flyable spaceships. You can hover around with a jetpack or build a gravity generator to walk on the surface of bigger asteroids. One of the best co-op build-’em-ups on PC, and new features are being added regularly.

EVE Online
Year 2003 |Developer CCP Games
Live another life—in space! There’s nothing else like EVE Online, the massively multiplayer RPG where everything is controlled by players. It’s a living, breathing galaxy in which thousands of capsuleers fight, trade, mine, and explore together. Break away from the relative safety of your policepatrolled starting system and you’ll find a ruthless, cosmic Wild West, where piracy, espionage and scamming are rife. Whether you’re fighting in a massive space war, where thousands of real-world dollars hang in the balance, or just exploring New Eden on your own, EVE is unforgettable.

Elite: Dangerous
Year 2014 |Developer Frontier Developments
An entire galaxy is your playground in this massive, beautiful space sim. Starting with a basic ship and a handful of credits, it’s up to you to shape your own destiny. Do you become a fearsome pirate? A master trader? An explorer? The beauty of Elite: Dangerous is being able to play in a way that suits you. From thrilling dogfights to gentle exploration, there’s something for everyone. Its ships are a dream to fly, from nimble fighters to heavy cargo haulers, especially with a flight stick.

Star Wars: TIE Fighter
Year 1994 |Developer Totally Games
A rare opportunity to be the bad guy in George Lucas’s space opera. With a variety of Empire-themed missions—dogfights, escorts, attacking capital ships—and a story to follow, it’s one of LucasArts’s best Star Wars games. Replace this entry with Star Wars: X-Wing if you’d prefer to play as the boring old Rebel Alliance. The best thing about this entire crop of Star Wars space sims is that they’ve all resurfaced to buy on GOG.com, compatible with modern systems.

FTL: Faster Than Light
Year 2012 |Developer Subset Games
FTL mixes turn-based and real-time strategy together to capture the experience of captaining a Star Trek-style spacecraft. It’s a strong roguelike, too, with the backdrop of a familiar yet fun sci-fi universe that comes with its own semi-humorous lore and a neat set of narrative beats that make the journey to its finale exciting every time. Being able to name your ship and crew makes it all the more heartbreaking when they die together in enemy space.

Wing Commander:Privateer
Year 1993 |Developer Origin Systems
Fans of the series will argue endlessly about which Wing Commander is the best, but we love Privateer’s darker feel. It’s a rich sandbox in which you can be a mercenary, a pirate, a merchant, or a mix of all three. You jump between systems looking for bounties to hunt and ships to rob, and the first-person dogfights are a thrill. There’s a linear story, but the real joy lies in doing your own thing.

Kerbal Space Program
Year 2015 |Developer Squad
W restle with gravity and the laws of physics as you build your own spacecraft and attempt to explore the cosmos. A robust, compelling sandbox of possibilities that’s as funny as it is  clever. Escaping Kerbin’s atmosphere and landing on the Mun for the first time with a ship you’ve built is about as satisfying as PC gaming gets.

Take On Mars
Year 2013 |Developer Bohemia Interactive
If you like your space games a little more grounded, try Arma developer Bohemia’s Take On Mars. It’s a space exploration simulator based on real astro-science. You can build a Curiositystyle rover and explore the surface of the red planet or construct your own moonbase. A game for people who want the sci without the fi.

Sins of a Solar Empire
Year 2008 |Developer Ironclad Games
Mixing real-time strategy with 4X elements, Sins is a game of galactic conquest. Choose a faction, gather resources and become a mighty space-lord. Commanding its real-time wars is a thrill, but combat isn’t always the answer: you can use diplomacy to conquer systems too. A refreshingly slow-paced RTS with some truly massive space battles.

Universe Sandbox
Year 2011 |Developer Giant Army
This space simulator lets you play god and manipulate replicas of real galaxies and solar systems, and witness the (often catastrophic) results of your cosmic meddling. Increase the mass of Jupiter and you’ll see the rest of our solar system being sucked into it, or delete the Sun and watch Earth and the other planets drift away confused. A sequel, Universe Sandbox 2, recently arrived on Steam Early Access.

Galactic Civilizations II
Year 2006 |Developer Stardock
Conquer space with an army of customizable ships. Thanks to its smart, creative AI, a full-size game can take many exciting weeks to complete. You have to balance economic, technological, diplomatic, cultural and military power to forge alliances, engage in battles, and dominate the galaxy. Similar to the Civilization series, certainly, but on a much grander scale.

Artemis: Spaceship Bridge Simulator
Year 2013 |Developer Thom Robertson
You’ll need a group of three to six friends to get the most out of this one. Each player controls a different station of a starship—engineering, weapons, helm and so on—and must work together to destroy enemies, with a captain giving orders. It’s basically like staging a Kobayashi Maru test in your living room, and it’s amazing.

Year 2010 |Developer Blendo Games
This turn-based strategy game by prolific indie studio Blendo (Thirty Flights of Loving, Gravity Bone) plays out in 30-second bursts. Queue up your orders, then watch the action unfold until one side is completely obliterated. With a relaxing classical score, including Chopin’s Raindrop Prelude, and a stylish, curiously colorful art style, it’s one of the more offbeat games on our list. Flotilla also features psychic advisor dogs—there’s a strong sense of humor at work here.

Year 2013 |Developer Chucklefish Games
Basically Terraria in space. Hop between randomly generated planets on a starship, hunt alien creatures for food, build colonies and underground bases, and try not to die. A brilliant sci-fi sandbox with a charming art style. Playable races include robots, beings made of solar energy, ape-like creatures, and wingless birds.

Year 2010 |Developer Vladimir Romanyuk
Do you like feeling small and insignificant? Do you enjoy having existential crises? Then play SpaceEngine, which features the entire universe. Or at least the bit we know about. Focus on Earth, then pull back at top speed, and you realize you’re on a tiny speck of dust hurtling through an endless void. The tech is remarkable, enabling you to travel effortlessly between galaxies and land on planets, even if there’s not a lot else to do.

FreeSpace 2
Year 1999 |Developer Volition, Inc.
While most space simulators use aircraft-like physics, FreeSpace attempts something more realistic, resulting in responsive, weightless controls. Battles play out like zero-gravity World War II dogfights, and it’s one of the best space combat games on PC. You’ll never forget your first combat encounter inside a colorful nebula.

Mass Effect 2
Year 2010 |Developer BioWare
If you’ve ever fantasized about being Captain Kirk, in command of your own starship, exploring the galaxy, meeting weird aliens, being confronted with cosmic dilemmas, Mass Effect 2 is that in game form. It’s part Star Wars space opera, part brilliant Star Trek episode, and one of the best sci-fi games on PC. It doesn’t have the freedom of Elite and is largely a linear experience, but it takes you on an unforgettable journey around the galaxy, visiting bizarre planets and getting involved in the lives of the people who live on them. We love the whole series, but Mass Effect 2 is our favorite.

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45 best Android games

45 best Android games

The best Android games for your phone or tablet

1. Star Wars: Uprising

With Star Wars all the rage the Galaxy needs a new hero in the fight against the Empire. Take part in Sector Battles, create your own character, and play real-time co-op.

2. Despicable Me

If you love those little yellow things you’ll love Minion Rush. Jump, roll, dodge and scramble to collect bananas in this cute runner game.

3. Crossy Road

Why did the chicken cross the road? Never mind that, why didn’t you? We love this hopper game, and so will you.

4. Fallout Shelter

Fallout fans will love Shelter, a mobile game that gives you complete control over your very own Vault, and the citizens that reside in it. Can you keep your Dwellers happy, fed and protected from the dangers of the outside world in this post-apocalyptic adventure?

5. WordBrain

“Even the smartest word game enthusiasts will have a real challenge to complete this game. In fact: only very few have!” That’s all the encouragement we need: the challenge is on to become a word master in this headscratchingly difficult hiddenword

6. Minecraft

Pocket Edition
Construction sim with endless possibilities. This infinite box of Legos has the very real potential to eat your life before your eyes.

7. Alphabear

Oh now this is supercute. You spell out words and bears appear. Longer words equal bigger bears and even more cuteness.

8. Spider-Man

Recruit an army of heroes in the Spider-Verse and take on the Sinister Six. This action-packed arcade game will keep you entertained for hours.

9. Clash of Clans

Form the ultimate Clan with your own army of Barbarians, Archers, Hog Riders, Wizards and more, then defend your village and take down the Goblin King.

10. Lego Ninjago

Ninjas, it’s time to enter Master Chen’s Tournament of Elements. You must use your training to take on Elemental Masters, and the more you win the stronger you become.

11. Monopoly

Who doesn’t love Monopoly? If you answered “me”, go directly to jail. YOU WILL NOT COLLECT ?200.

12. Table Tennis Touch

It’s not a freebie, but stunning graphics make Table Tennis Touch worth the download. Even more so if you like Ping Pong.

13. Sim City Build It

A realistic city-builder that lets you create an environment in which your citizens will thrive, and trade resources with friends online. Just when you think life is going good, real-life challenges will keep you on your toes.

14. Plants vs Zombies 2

Plants vs Zombies is the tower defence game loved by all, and the sequel is much more of the same zombie- and super-plant goodness.

15. First Touch Soccer 2015

There are loads of football games for Android, but if you don’t want to pay a penny First Touch Soccer is a great choice.

16. Walking Dead: Road to Survival
TellTale’s Walking Dead series is not to be missed, but this alternative is a turnbased RPG that focuses on the original comic books over the TV series, and in which your decisions will determine who lives and who dies. Kicking off at Woodbury, can you take on The Governor?

17. The Room Two
Physical puzzles in a beautifully-realised 3D world make this somewhat unsettling sequel a joy to play.

18. Lara Croft Go
Explore the ruins of an ancient civilisation and face deadly challenges in this turn-based adventure game. More than 75 puzzles are split into five chapters.

19. Bad Piggies
From the makers of Angry Birds, Bad Piggies is an addictive and challenging puzzle game, with some action thrown in to add to the fun.

20. Temple Run 2
A hugely popular runner game for Android, Temple Run 2 sees you navigate perilous terrain as you attempt to escape with the cursed idol. However far you can get, it won’t be far enough.

21. Monument Valley
Supremely calming puzzler with innovative perspective-based gameplay. More soothing than an opiate-spiked Horlicks.

22. Jetpack Joyride
Mission-driven progression and a range of crazy gadgets, jetpacks, vehicles, achievements and character customisation add replay value to the simple controls and repetitive nature of Barry Steakfries’ endless journey in Jetpack Joyride.

23. Angry Birds
Just because it’s old doesn’t make it bad: this list would never be complete without this mobile gaming classic.

24. Ridiculous Fishing
“A handcrafted game about fishing with guns, chainsaws & toasters.” SOLD.

25. Super Hexagon
Frantic shape-based avoidance game. Punishing difficulty set to a rather wonderful electronic score.

26. Threes!
Potently addictive, simple yet full of strategic depth, Threes is based on a set of numbered tiles that you manipulate around a four-by-four board. There are blue ones, and pinky twos, and you jam these into each other to make white threes. Everything else is a multiple of three created by joining two matching white tiles. Two plus one equals three. Three plus three equals six. Six plus six equals 12. You get the picture.

27. Flow Free
Addictive colour matching fun that is equal parts frustration and satisfaction. Attempt to reach the goal in as few moves as possible.

28. Sonic Dash
The lovable blue spikey-haired hedgehog returns in this endless runner game for Android. Dash, jump and spin through levels collecting rings, dodging spikes and ultimately climbing the leader boards.

29. Dumb Ways
To Die 2
Warioware-style mini games abound in this free gigglefest. Fun, quickfire action, with entertaining deaths aplenty.

30. Words With
Words With Friends is in essence Scrabble, played with friends at your own pace. And you get to show them how much more intelligent you are than them. A no-brainer.

31. Call Of Duty: Heroes
This 3D combat strategy game has you customise your base and train elite forces to wipe out enemies in fierce battle. Plus: create deadly alliances with your friends, competing for in-game rewards.

32. Riptide GP2
Rocket-powered hydro jets and futuristic race tracks make Riptide GP2 a fast, fun, and visually stunning racing experience.

33. Cut The Rope: Time Travel
Cut the Rope: Time Travel is a new adventure filled with time-travelling, candycrunching, physicsbased action. Help Om Nom feed his ancestors as you play through the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, a Pirate Ship, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, the Stone Age, Disco Era, Wild West, Asian Dynasty, Industrial Revolution and the Future. Great for kids, too.

34. Beach Buggy Blitz
A fun driving game in which you collect power-ups and performance-boosting upgrades, unlock new vehicles and collect new characters. Awesome fun and great graphics make Beach Buggy Blitz an easy download.

35. Machinarium
Josef the robot is on a mission to save girlfriend Berta from the Blackcap Brotherhood in this award-winning adventure game.

36. Hitman GO
Agent 47’s latest outing is a quasi-board game that plays like the leadup to a game of Cluedo. Initially odd, but ultimately rewarding.

37. Marvel Contest of Champions
If you love your superheroes and fighting games then you’ll love Contest of Champions. Level up characters and build your own team of champions in this graphically stunning fighter game.

38. Thomas Was Alone
Satisfying special gameplay takes second place to the compelling writing and characterization. You’ll never care more about a bunch of squares.

39. Badland
Gorgeous sidescrolling, jump-based platformer, and winner of three awards. Worth downloading for the stunning visuals alone.

40. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
Rockstar has retooled its genre-defining franchise for Android, and you can pick up GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas for criminally good gaming wherever you go.

41. Criminal Case
Are you ready to test your detective skills? This is a hidden object game with an actual storyline: investigate crime scenes for clues and help the Police of Grimsborough crack murder cases.

42. Modern Combat 5 Blackout
Gameloft’s answer to Call of Duty on the PC or consoles, Modern Combat 5: Blackout is a meaty game which includes both singleand multiplayer modes.

43. Goat Simulator
What started out as an Internet joke has now landed on Android. Play as a goat and wreck as much stuff as possible in this fantastic mess of a game.

44. Crazy Taxi City Rush
Crazy Taxi City Rush rewards you for insane driving as you race around doing whatever it takes to get your passengers to their destination on time.

45. You Must Build A Boat
Sequel to 10000000, this builds on the original tile-matching puzzle meets running game with a boat. You have to build it, assemble a crew, and explore whatever dungeons you pass as you float down river.

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200 Best Video Games of All Time  - Bubble Bobble

When it was released in 1986, Bubble Bobble was hardly at the edge of technology. Platform games
with single-screen levels had been introduced with Donkey Kong five years earlier, and were already on their way out. Yet Bubble Bobble was so brilliant, it powered a small renaissance for the genre, and was followed by many clones and sequels. It’s a prime example of how you can turn a simple and straightforward concept into a mega hit and instant classic with cute, recognizable characters (some taken over from Taito's earlier game Chack'n Pop), and countless small, but clever modifications on a limited rule set.

As two adorable little dragons called Bub and Bob, the players – and it should always be two players, as not only they can support each other, but are required to get the better endings – need to clear 100 stages by breathing bubbles to catch monsters, and then touching them before they burst in order to turn them into different foods.

The trick is that the bubbles are not only their weapons, but also serve as makeshift platforms from which the dragons can bounce off of. Every stage has its own set of invisible air currents that take them all over the place. Usually they go in a general upwards direction, but there are also environments that press them down, or drive them towards a specific target. It's even possible to use bubbles to jump so high that the dragons appear back at the bottom of the screen, a tactic that’s sometimes necessary to get below areas blocked by platforms. Also, in certain stages, special bubbles hover in from the screen edges, which contain lightning, fire, and water. Popping these unleashes the elemental forces, each of which can take out monsters directly in a different way.

There are only a handful of different enemies, and the core gameplay remains the same across all 100 stages, but the sheer amount of variation almost makes every other round feel like a new experience. Added to this is an insane amount of extras, many of which seem random, but are actually based on specific parameters, like how many times Bub jumped or how many bubbles Bob has popped.

The game is so full of secrets, even entering certain names on the high score table does surprising things. At certain points you can find cryptic hints to an alternate mode called "Super Bubble Bobble", which shuffles around enemies and is the only way to obtain the true ending, which not only lifts the curse that turned Bub and Bob into dragons, but also frees their girlfriends and brings back their parents. -Sam Derboo

See Also:
Bubble Bobble was followed by many sequels and spin-offs, but none managed to catch lightning in the same way. Rainbow Islands and Parasol Stars completely changed the formula and, while good, weren’t quite as addictive, and don’t hone the cooperative aspect. Bubble Symphony and Bubble Memories returned to the original template, but felt a bit stale for it, with noisy backgrounds and many chaotic elements.

The indie game Ibb and Obb is a straight puzzle platformer with scrolling levels, but much of the physics-based teamwork has the same spirit as Bubble Bobble. Its main gimmick, a screen divide into an up and down world with a gravity switch in the middle, is even reminiscent of the Bubble Bobble precursor, Chack’n Pop. -SD


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200 Best Video Games of All Time  - Klonoa: The Door to Phantomile

While first and foremost respected as an arcadecentric developer, Namco has made several fascinating games for consoles. Their most impressive non-coin-op game may be Klonoa, a slightly late attempt to get in on the Sonic-esque mascot platformer craze. Nonetheless, it turned out to be a gorgeous adventure, putting 95% of all Sonic ripoffs to shame.

For starters, it barely even feels like a Sonic game, with an art direction all its own. Playing in a 2.5D perspective, the graphics still hold up remarkably well today – something that can't be said for a lot of PS1 games. With creative character designs and vibrantly colored landscapes, it's certainly more than just jagged polygons everywhere. Everything about the aesthetics, from its cute fodder enemies to the whimsical sound design, gives off an adorable charm (though things do turn remarkably more dark later on).

The main gameplay gimmick here is the "Wind Bullet", a short-range projectile that balloons an enemy a la Dig Dug, and allows Klonoa to either throw the opponent or bounce off of them for a double-jump. Enemies can be tossed into the background or foreground, and are often required to retrieve items or hit switches for puzzles. It's easy to figure out what to do for the most part, and save for the last few stages (and the insane bonus level unlocked for freeing all the prisoners), Klonoa is not a particularly challenging game. Its lack of difficulty is the only real complaint brought against it, and that's not even so bad if you're looking for a highly artistic game that the whole family can enjoy. That is, until the heart-rending ending. Klonoa is creative and cute until it wants you to cry.

After a great-yet-overlooked PS2 sequel and a handful of spin-offs, Klonoa stayed quiet for several years. before a remake of the first game was unexpectedly announced for the Wii. In honor of Klonoa's 10th anniversary, Namco surprisingly remembered their PlayStation-era mascot and gave the original an updated re-release, with enhanced graphics, slightly smoother controls, and unlockable costumes. It also features "reverse mode", which adds flipped versions of levels, and portals leading to challenge stages within them, These add some appreciated difficulty to keep down the "too easy" complaints. It may not be brimming with bells and whistles, but simply reviving Klonoa for a new generation is great enough. Sadly, neither the original nor the remake sold too well, and there haven’t been any plans for the series since. Regardless, it’s still a highlight of the 2D platformer pantheon.

See Also: While 3D gaming was on the rise, most early disc-based releases still stuck to conventional 2D appearances and playtypes, just with more horsepower. Rayman could have been made for 16-bit systems, but instead heralded the arrival of 32-bit gaming with some truly impressive art and animation. Featuring large and detailed levels that nearly rival Sonic's stages, Rayman also contained several elaborate boss fights that required you to do far more than just punch them repeatedly. It’s also a vicious game, where the obnoxious losing noise will purchase a condo in your nightmares. Still, if you can barrel through its high difficulty, you'll get to see the start of a great franchise (that went awry with some iffy 3D games before claiming redemption).


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200 Best Video Games of All Time - Yakuza 4

Sega’s Yakuza series (also known as Ryu ga Gotoku) is known for its beautiful and faithful replications of modern Japan. Though not on the scale of Shenmue, they have more immediately rewarding storylines, and gameplay that melds a Japanese RPG with beat-em-up action.

The fourth installment is a huge step for the franchise. Rather than just playing as reformed yakuza Kazuma Kiryu, players get to use four different characters, each with completely different attacks, stories, side quests, and mini games. It also accomplishes the impossible, in that it takes these four seemingly unrelated characters and manages to weave a single story that draws them together. While it's no surprise that they join forces for the endgame, Yakuza 4's story does a great job at developing each character, and the individual arcs have enough secondary characters and background information that an entire game could be built around any of them.

It's outstanding to see the attention to detail the series is known for multiplied by four. Nothing feels compromised or cut short compared to previous installments, and it's even more impressive to see four characters worth of methods for inflicting the series' brutal beatings on anyone that gets in your way. It would have been easy to just divvy up Kazuma's repertoire amongst the rest of the cast, or add in more moves from Virtua Fighter.

Instead, each move set is very deliberately constructed around each character's background and personality. It's this superior merger of character development, game controls, and design that keeps things intriguing from start to finish. Yakuza 4's soundtrack is another great effort from the series, as well. Interestingly, however, the soundtracks for Yakuza 3 and 4 were composed by a completely different group than the composers for the first two games. The stylistic shift is noticeable, as most tracks lack the rougher feel of the first two games. It's a great fit for the series, though, differentiating the ambiance enough from the older games while still clearly sounding like it belongs in a Yakuza installment.

The combat itself is great, with shorter loading between fights than in its predecessors. Having four playable characters also allows for a massive variety of the series' signature Heat Moves. It won’t be long before you'll be instantly knocking enemies out by slamming them against a wall and then kicking their jaw in. This smooth use of the QTEs from Shenmue makes for a fun touch, as well, and having such a large variety of them in the game makes them stand out even more. -Chris Rasa

Released to massive success in Japan, it wasn't until the later US release of Yakuza 4 that Yakuza 2 gained a passionate cult following in the US. While it lacks many of the fourth installment's improvements, it provides a similar combination of a ruthless plot with eccentric characters. It's also the longest game in the series, with a story written by popular Japanese crime novelist Hase Seishu. While the original Yakuza is a good, the pacing and expanded cast makes the sequel a must-play for fans of the later entries. It's also interesting to see how it plays off of Japanese cultural issues of the time, like the country's massive influx of Korean pop culture. Despite the dated engine, the presentation and action also hold up. -CR
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200 Best Video Games of All Time - Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike

The concept of Street Fighter III became a running gag when multiple enhanced versions of Street Fighter II were made instead of a true sequel. Street Fighter Alpha was something fresh despite being a prequel, but it still wasn't what fans were anticipating. It finally happened six years after World Warriors, though reception was mixed due to less friendly gameplay, and nearly all of the regular cast members being replaced by mostly unfamiliar characters. Of course, it was retooled over two more iterations, going from New Generation to 2nd Impact, and ending on 3rd Strike. The SFIII trilogy was passed over during its release, but gradually built up a fanbase, attracting the attention of highlevel fighter players on the tournament scene.

Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, and Akuma are the only returning veterans, but the new cast has built up respectable followings, with Alex, the American wrestler; Dudley, the gentleman boxer; Elena, the wiry African dancer; Ibuki, the kunoichi; and Makoto, the straightforward karateka. There are 20 playable characters in total, and each is rendered with shockingly fluid 2D animation on gorgeous backgrounds, thanks to Capcom's proprietary CPS3 hardware, which was only used again for Warzard and Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. The music also aims for an odd mix of hip hop, jazz, and world beats. It’s a bit disarming at first, but soon grows on you after several matches. Integral to SFIII's higher-tier mastery is the parry maneuver, where tapping  forward or down the instant an opponent's attack hits you nullifies all damage and primes you for a counterattack. While quite difficult to pull off due to the timing, parrying is what separates the pros from the not-quite-pros.

Characters can only have one of three supers active per match, but EX specials can be used for a fraction of meter. Everybody's taunts can be done indefinitely and actually boost one of their stats, usually their attack power. There's no air blocking, but there is air parrying. Nearly every conceivable system is different from Alpha, plus the game has a more deliberate tempo than Capcom’s other turbocharged fighting games of the era, but it all works in its own way for those willing to put in practice. 3rd Strike is still one of the most popular professionally-played fighters today, second only to Marvel vs. Capcom 2. It does have some balance issues, and some may prefer the backgrounds and music from the prior two games. However, simply  for having the largest roster and the mechanics being refined to nigh-perfection, 3rd Strike is still the ultimate rendition of Street Fighter III. The "third of the third", if you will.

After Street Fighter III, Marvel Vs. Capcom 2, and Capcom vs. SNK 2, Capcom mostly stayed away from 2D fighters, but came back in a big way with 2008's Street Fighter IV. It ditches the sprites in favor of a 3D painted art style, but plays far better than Arika's PS1/early PS2 era Street Fighter EX series. It dials back the features added in Street Fighter III, in favor of quicker pacing more similar to Street Fighter II Turbo. Parrying is also replaced with "Focus" maneuvers that let a character absorb a single hit without interrupting their attacks. The initial release further disregarded all of Street Fighter III's roster, though later revisions added the most popular characters, like Dudley, Ibuki, and Makoto, along with bringing in Poison from Final Fight.
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200 Best Video Games of All Time - Wonder Boy III: The Dragon’s Trap

Wonder Boy III begins as you play out the ending of its predecessor, Wonder Boy in Monster Land. Things go a little awry when, upon navigating the castle and defeating the evil Meka Dragon, the hero is cursed with an inhuman dragon form. Throughout the journey to change back into a human, the hero gains the ability to turn into other animals – beyond Lizard Man, the fire breathing form you start out as, you can become Mouse Man (to fit into small spaces and climb on certain surfaces), Piranha Man (to swim), Lion Man (to break certain bricks), and Hawk Man (to fly).

The previous game, which began as an arcade title, was sort of a weird mish-mash between an action game and an RPG. The path through the game was linear, but you obtained gold to buy new equipment and increase your strength. When moved to a console platform, The Dragon's Trap expands its world to something akin to a Metroidvania. Other similar games of the era – Castlevania II: Simon's Quest, The Goonies II, and Metroid, of course – all reveled in obtuseness, with gigantic, maze-like worlds that were hard to navigate. Wonder Boy III is far more user-friendly, offering a simple town hub that spreads out in a few directions, and a world with distinct themes – jungle, beach, mountain, desert, and so forth. Outside of a few hidden doors, it’s hard to get stuck or lost, and most areas are linear, challenging your ability to fight enemies rather than overwhelming you with confusion.

That approachability never detracts from the game world, however, because it's so cleverly constructed. In most games of the time, falling in water meant your death – here, it leads to underwater realms, offering additional areas to explore. Each new game begins in the central town, next to a seemingly impassable wall, but once you obtain the Hawk Man form, you can fly over it and access a whole new part of the map. None of this is telegraphed, it's simply something that the game expects you to be curious about. You can even visit the crumbling castle from the prologue, now derelict except for assorted enemies.

The aesthetics play a huge part, too. Wonder Boy III has colorful and vibrant visuals – some of the best on an 8-bit platform. Each of the animal forms is distinctly adorable, despite never uttering a word. The enemies also have the same amount of personality, wincing comically at every strike of damage taken. The music is catchy, and even the sound effects, from the trampoline *bounce* jumping noise to the *plunk* of falling coins, ooze character. It all comes together to create a world that's a delight to explore. -Kurt Kalata

The next game in the series, Wonder Boy in Monster World, is similar to The Dragon's Trap, but removes the fun animal forms, and in general feels clunkier. The final game in the series, Monster World IV, scales back the exploratory elements, instead concentrating on action-platforming, and stars a female character in an Arabian setting. Wayforward's Shantae series is also clearly inspired by the Monster World games. Starring a charming, purple haired genie, it presents a similarly comical world along with exploratory elements. The first two games, initially released on the Game Boy Color and DSi, are compromised in various ways, but the third, Shantae and the Pirate's Curse, is a solid game with fantastic pixel artwork and an incredibly catchy soundtrack. -KK